St. Andrew's United Church

As a welcoming and inclusive Affirming Ministry we believe in service, compassion and respect for all regardless of ability, economic circumstance, culture, race, gender, sexuality or faith.


Wedding Guidelines

Congratulations on your decision to be joined in Christian Marriage. St. Andrew’s is an Affirming Ministry.  We believe that marriage is open to all persons regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity.  

It is no small matter to decide to embark upon one of the most challenging tasks human beings encounter. It is our hope that your marriage will bring you much happiness and joy. Since your wedding will take place in a church and/or with a minister your wedding becomes an act of worship as you seek God’s blessing in your relationship.


The Role of the Church in Your Marriage

The congregation exists for people to worship together, to grow in faith and to live out a ministry in the world. The worship committee and leadership team encourage and invite to attend worship and be involved in the life of the church before and after your wedding. This is a community that will nurture and support you in your life together. We will celebrate with you in good times of life and support you through the challenges. In order for us to do this effectively, we invite you into an on-going relationship.


Legal Requirements

In Saskatchewan, a licence (which can be purchased at a local jewellery store) is required for a couple to be married. A marriage license is only valid for three months after purchase and must be purchased at least one day prior to the wedding. Please bring the licence to St. Andrew’s at least one week ahead of your wedding so that the necessary paperwork and certificates may be prepared.


The Wedding Service

Your wedding service will include scripture readings, prayers and music that contribute to the spiritual aspect of your service. The service acknowledges that we are not alone in our lives and our relationships and that we seek God for strength and guidance in challenging times.

You will be given the opportunity to choose or write many of the components contained in the service including readings, prayers, vows and music. The final form of the service must be agreed on by yourselves and the minister.



Perhaps nothing expresses our feelings and beliefs as well as music. You will want to choose music thoughtfully to reflect the spiritual nature of your wedding service. The organist and minister will review and approve your music selections. Our organist normally plays for all weddings (but exceptions may be made). Most couples choose to have her play the processional (when the couple enters) and the recessional (when the couple leaves), along with other music throughout the service. She can help you choose uplifting and celebratory music. 

While we can accommodate recorded music, we have found that live music provides the most pleasing musical setting for most weddings. Decisions around music must be made in consultation with our minister and organist.



Normally the rehearsal takes place the day before the wedding. All those taking part should be present (wedding party, parents, ushers). The main purpose is to remove uncertainty about the exact procedure, so that all may concentrate more fully on the meaning and significance of the actual wedding service.


Photos and Digital Recording

A professional photographer/digital recorder or a family member who is designated may take pictures and video during the service as long as it is not distracting from the worship service. Please ask the photographer/ digital recorder to consult with the minister prior to the service.


Flowers and Decorations

The church may be decorated with flowers, bows, and/or candles as long as respect for the building and furnishings are maintained. Pew bows work best if held in place with elastic bands. Please consult with the minister regarding placement of your decorations.



We ask that the wedding guests refrain from the use of confetti, rice or grain on the entire church premises because the problems this creates.



There are two handicap spaces in front of the church. There is limited reserved parking in front of the church. There is a public parking lot across Smith Street.


On the Day of Your Wedding

Please do not consume any alcohol prior to the wedding. If the minister is aware of alcohol being consumed by the wedding party before the service, they are under a legal obligation to postpone the service.

Ushers need to be present 30 minutes before the service. All others in the wedding party are asked to be present 10-15 minutes before the service.


Marriage Certificate

You will be given a church wedding certificate at the conclusion of the service. If you wish a Legal Marriage Certificate one may be obtained through the Department of Vital Statistics in Regina. Please note it may take several months for the government to process your request.


The Minister

The resident minister must be contacted for all weddings and will take the lead role in making arrangements with the couple. If it is desired that another minister take part in the service, such arrangements must be agreed to first with the minister of St. Andrew’s United Church. Final arrangements will not be made without such consultation. The resident minister will take the lead role in the wedding service and will contact the assisting minister to discuss their part in the wedding ceremony. The couple will take into consideration their obligation toward lodging, travel expense and honorarium for the assisting minister.


Marriage Preparation

We strongly believe in the importance of marriage preparation and you are encouraged to seek opportunities to learn more about yourselves as individuals and as a couple. The minister will offer assistance finding an appropriate resource for you.

You will meet at least once with the minister several months before your wedding to plan the service.


Other Details

• To ensure all details are ready for the wedding we like to have all the preparations completed one month in advance of the wedding date. 

• The seating capacity of the Sanctuary is 192. Please take this into consideration when inviting your guests.  

• During Holy Week (Palm Sunday-Easter Sunday) we remember Christ’s suffering and death. Therefore, neither the church nor the minister is available for a wedding this week. 

• Fees: The total cost is $800. This amount covers the use of the building and all honorariums for our staff. Cheques may be made payable to St. Andrew’s United Church.


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