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Service to all as we grow together through God's love.​

about us

St. Andrew’s is a faith community of the United Church of Canada with a rich, progressive, and continuing history of welcoming all in the name of Christ. We are located in the heart of Yorkton, Saskatchewan. 

The United Church of Canada came together in 1925, through a union of Methodist, Presbyterian, Congregational, and other Christian churches – one of the first ecumenical unions in the world to bring together major Christian denominations into one body. 

The current building was opened in 1910 and was originally a Presbyterian Church. It is built in traditional Gothic architecture. It has thirteen stained glass windows depicting the symbols of the founding bodies within the United Church of Canada. In the beautiful sanctuary, you can hear a two-manual Casavant Pipe Organ dedicated in 1948 to those who laid down their lives in the two world wars.


Sunday Mornings at 10:30 am

We gather every Sunday for a time of learning and community. Our worship time includes traditional and contemporary music, praying together for each other and the world, scripture and a message. Children are welcome to participate in worship and encouraged to bring their energy and enthusiasm with them and there is a space with activities for children in the sanctuary. We hope that worship nourishes and encourages us to live God’s love in our community and the world. Following worship, you are invited to join us in the upper hall for refreshments.

We begin most services by lighting the Christ Candle and Peace Candle to centre and ground ourselves. This reminds us of God’s love for the world and our own commitment to pray and work for peace in the world. During the service, there is often a time when people can make prayer requests. You may also speak to the minister ahead of time if you would like particular prayers but don’t want to speak publicly. We use powerpoint in worship with visual images. Sometimes there are videos, particularly Minute for Mission which connects us to God’s work in our community and around the world. The choir and musicians lead a variety of contemporary and traditional music and offer an anthem most Sundays. We celebrate communion and baptism throughout the year. Anyone who wishes is welcome to participate in communion. If you would like baptism for yourself or your child please speak to the minister.

Prayers through the Week

Prayer companions pray for those identified in our worship prayers throughout the week.

Consider becoming a prayer companion and praying in your own way and time for people and the life and work of the congregation. If you would like to commit to praying for a week please speak to the minister.

Our Mission and Vision


Service to all as we grow together through God's love.


We at St. Andrew’s United Church want to grow the community through faith and compassion; opening our doors to create an atmosphere where everyone is welcome.

Our Values


We believe in showing compassion to all and understanding others as well as ourselves.


We believe that we have to be ethical through honesty, communication, transparency and respect for others opinions in our life as a community.


We believe our Christian faith, as members of the United Church of Canada, guides our work of community service, local and global justice.


We believe in inclusiveness for all through respect for ability, culture, race, gender, sexuality and all faiths.

What we believe

United Church faith communities welcome people from all backgrounds and orientations. This section offers an overview of our beliefs. "We are not alone," is the first line of "A New Creed," one of our statements of belief. The United Church of Canada has a long history of welcoming people of all backgrounds and orientations – wherever you are in your faith journey.
Faith and Bible

The Bible is the shared standard for our faith, but members are not required to adhere to any particular creed or formulation of doctrine.

Baptism and Communion

The United Church celebrates two sacraments—baptism and communion—by which we encounter the presence and goodness of God.


Each person is a unique, loved creation of God; we welcome all people to the full life of Christian community, including marriage.

Relationship and Inclusion

Respectful of the religious practice of all people of goodwill, we are a welcoming church that is challenged to ongoing renewal.

Social Justice

Following the example of Jesus, we believe that we strengthen one another to work, through God’s grace, for a better world.

Giving, Generosity, and Gratitude

God’s endless generosity to us encourages our own response to contribute in many ways to God’s mission in God’s world.

Our programs and Activities


Worship And Faith









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Amnesty International, Bible Study, Book Club, Choir, History Group, Pastoral Care, Quilters, PRIDE, Stewardship, UCW




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