St. Andrew's United Church

As a welcoming and inclusive Affirming Ministry we believe in service, compassion and respect for all regardless of ability, economic circumstance, culture, race, gender, sexuality or faith.

Affirming Commitee


Facilitate discussions and education of congregation in the process of being an LGBT+ Affirming congregation.  This shall include event collaborations with local LGBT+ groups, providing Affirming minutes as part of worship, bringing guest speakers, participating in Yorkton Pride events and having members of the congregation share their experiences.

Though LGBT+ minorities are most commonly associated with Affirming churches, we (and they) also encompass a variety of other cultures and historically discriminated-against groups.  Several of the communities St. Andrews has made efforts” to incorporate include aboriginal communities, lower income individuals, immigrant communities and individuals with limited mobility.  All are welcome to participate in the church community!

Meeting Frequency: Monthly

Number of committee members:  7