St. Andrew's United Church

As a welcoming and inclusive Affirming Ministry we believe in service, compassion and respect for all regardless of ability, economic circumstance, culture, race, gender, sexuality or faith.


Your donation will help us better serve our community of faith and the wider community.

St. Andrew’s is a registered Charity. All donations are tax deductible.

St. Andrew’s General Fund
Supports the ongoing life and work of the Church. This is the fund that is used to pay all the approved expenses of the yearly budget. Regular contributions by the congregation and unspecified donations go to this fund.

St. Andrew’s Memorial Fund
This fund receives donations made in memory of  individuals who have passed away. The Church Leadership Team makes decisions on special purchases from this fund. If you donate to this fund please provide the name of the person the donation is in memory of.

Legacy Fund
This fund is invested to provide the church with ongoing income and reserve funds for special expenses. You may specify this fund in your will as a bequest.

Endowment Fund
This fund is invested in higher paying investments and only the income from the investments is available to the church to be used for ongoing expenses.

Ways to donate

  • By cheque mailed or delivered to the church or placed in the offering plate after worship.
  • By eTransfer directly from your bank account
  • Using the United Church Pre-Authorized Remittance program that transfers a monthly amount directly from your bank account to ours.
  • By Credit Card on our website