St. Andrew’s United Church has a long history within the community of Yorkton. As such, we encourage the use of our facility by local individuals, community groups, clubs and organizations. We are also available for out-of-town organization bookings. The United Church of Canada prides itself on welcoming everyone the way Jesus did, regardless of age, race, class, gender, sexual orientation, or physical ability. We are open to all renters who respect and follow this belief.

  1. check the church events calendar before booking – click here for the calendar
  2. you may also contact the church office to make sure the space is available for your date(s)
  3. the online booking form is at the bottom of this page
  4. please use this online booking form as it speeds up the booking process
  5. a paper booking form is being developed (if you are unable to use the online form please contact the office)
  6. the rental request form is due as soon as possible before the event – late requests may not be possible 
  7. once your request form has been received you will be contacted by the church office to confirm space availability and details
  8. once your event is confirmed, an invoice will be sent to you
  9. payment is due upon receipt of invoice
  10. final payment for events charging admission are due three weeks after the event date
  11. if you have any questions about renting please contact the church office for information

Telephone: (306) 783-4157   Email:

We will not rent to any individual or group:

  1. that would promote hate, self-interest, or would exclude others because of age, race, class, gender, sexual orientation or physical ability
  2. whose purpose is for partisan political activity
  3. whose primary purpose is to support, promote, or engage in gambling

Exceptions: groups renting space may engage in minor gambling activities so long as the gambling is incidental to the purpose of the meeting.


  1. A family holding a birthday party may draw for door prizes
  2. A community group holding its annual meeting may raffle a quilt
  3. A group holding a fund-raising auction may also have a 50-50 draw
  4. A group may flip a coin or play rock-paper-scissors to determine who pays for coffee

The entire facility is equipped with fire extinguishers and emergency lighting. Emergency exits are clearly marked with illuminated exit signs. If the fire alarm sounds, please exit the building immediately. Please assist anyone who may require help to leave the building. Do not use the elevator. Signage for exits and washrooms are clearly displayed.

All activities must cease and everyone must vacate the premises by 11:00 PM. The alarm system automatically arms at this time.

Requests for use of the facility are handled on a first come, first served basis.

Requests for use deemed outside the facility use policy will be sent to the church Leadership Team for further consideration and final decision.

The organization or persons using the facility must assume responsibility for the orderly conduct of its own members and their invitees. An in-charge person must remain on-site during the event.

At all times, children shall be supervised by an adult and not left alone in any areas of the building.

Policies concerning the use and care of the facilities will be observed in the interest of all users. In general, users will:
a. care for all furnishings
b. maintain the cleanliness of the facilities
c. observe economy of utilities
d. not smoke in any area of the building and within 10 metres of outside door
e. not consume alcohol
f. not permit the use of illegal drugs
g. not permit tossing of confetti or similar celebratory substances inside or outside of the building
h. ensure the welfare and safety of all users shall be respected at all times.

It will be the responsibility of the individual in charge of any function to ensure that all areas are cleaned and returned to the condition as outlined herein:

a. Wiping off and drying tables and chairs
b. Tables and chairs are to be returned to their original location
c. All garbage must be cleaned up and placed in containers provided (garbage bags will be provided)
d. Leftover food to be taken home or placed in the garbage
e. Dirty dishes, utensils, cups, glasses and appliances used to be washed and put away
f. Washrooms left in reasonably clean condition and ensure taps are off after your event
g. Turn off all lights
h. Close and lock all exit doors
i. All items brought to the event shall be removed from the facility by the end of the event
j. Report any damage or hazardous conditions to the Church Office as soon as possible
k. Keys returned [if applicable]

Only painter’s tape or sticky tack shall be used when attaching anything to a painted surface. Tacks, duct tape or nails are prohibited.

If your group has booked a facility and is aware the facility will not be used for that date, please contact the Church as soon as possible, to allow the facility to be booked by another organization.

Although we make every effort to work around unplanned, unexpected church functions such as funerals, etc., this could result in the cancellation of a previously planned and approved church or non-church function. If this occurs, all payments will be returned.

By accepting a booking arrangement, the user(s) agrees to the guidelines above and to accept all responsibility for any damage to property or facilities caused by usage and/or sustained by participants or spectators.

Please contact the office for a listing of equipment in each room

Long-term space renter fees will be negotiated by the finance committee in each case

An elevator is available that reaches all levels of the Church – Use of the elevator is the responsibility of the user – instructions are provided

Due to fire regulations – all room capacities must be followed and are the responsibility of the renter

The facility may be opened and closed by a member of the church if possible. If however, this is not possible, the person signing the Facility Use Agreement is responsible for acquiring keys to access the building and is responsible for securing the building when the activity is completed. 

·      Keys are to be arranged for through the church office upon approval for facility use.

·      Keys are to be signed for when received.

·      No key is to be subsequently loaned to another person or group.

·      Keys will not be given to anyone not approved on the Facility Use Agreement.

·      All keys will be returned within 24 hours of the end of the program or event. 

·      Should a key be lost, it is to be immediately reported to the church office. A charge of $100 will apply to all lost keys.

·      The church may choose not to assign a key to the user, instead having a church representative open and close the facility. 

Online Booking Form