Faith Statement for St. Andrew’s United Church

God at our centre.

God was in our beginning.

God is in our present.

God is in our future.

We place our trust in God.


  • We gather to share laughter, empathy, support and food.
  • We feel alive in the spirit as we pray and learn and worship together for renewal.
  • We share God’s love with many generations of people.
  • We seek to learn from and work with people of many Christian traditions and engage our neighbours of other faiths.
  • We seek to be open-hearted and open-minded in our faith as we welcome people who are different from us and who challenge our belief.
  • We seek to live our faith in our local community and connect with others who are sharing Christ’s love around the world.
  • We are alive and live with a sense of God’s abundance and presence in our lives.
  • We struggle to live faithfully when the world changes around us. We recognize that change is necessary even though it is sometimes difficult.
  • We live in community, grounded in God’s love for us and the world.
  • In order to live out this vision we gather regularly on Sunday morning and at other times through the week.
  • Please check out this website or our Facebook page for details about how we live our faith and how you might join in.