29 Smith Street East, Yorkton, SK S3N 0H3 | (306) 783-4157

Service to all as we grow together through God’s love.This community of faith seeks to be inclusive of all people.

Leadership Team and Committees

Leadership Team
Ministry & Personnel Member – Margaret Phillips
Worship Member – Crystal Bailey
Property Member – Julia Konkin
Finance Member – Jeff Possberg
Member at large – Fauntie Phillips
Member at large – Sarah Greensides
Member-at-Large – Dawne Walsh
Treasurer – Martin Phillips
Minister – Rev. Jen Dresser

Worship Committee
Chair – Debbie Quinn
Crystal Bailey
Donna Burnard
Shani Apland
Sharon Parsons
Rev. Jen Dresser

Ministry & Personnel Committee
Chair – Margaret Phillips
Donna Burnard
Tom Ferrier
Bonnie Rushowick

Finance Committee
Treasurer – Martin Phillips
Jeff Possberg (Co-Chair)
Geoff Rushowick (Co-Chair)
Julie Gabriel
Mike Neilsen
Rev. Jen Dresser


Property Committee
Martin Phillips
Julia Konkin
Fauntie Phillips

Affirming Ministry
Jeff Possberg
Sarah Greensides
Gail Moriarty
Dianne Holfeld
Judith Stewart
Evan Chouinard

Geoff Rushowick
Allan Konkin
Brenda Vanhove
Melody Wood
Judy Sawchuk

Martin Phillips
Tim Linsley
Mae Ann Chilman
Brian Beck
Debbie Quinn
Rev. Jen Dresser

Regional Council Reps
Margaret Phillips

Sexual Abuse Officers
Tom Ferrier
Bonnie Rushowick